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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak

This product is one of my favorites.  It saves my hair every time.  I'm past five months post relaxer right now and plan to go at least two more months.  Since I'm so far in my stretch, I do a over night treatment with coconut oil, placing a plastic cap on my head then a scarf.  The next morning, I add the Replenishing Pak on top of that for one hour or sometimes two. I do this once a week.  My new growth is soft and very easy to detangle and of course the relaxed part is fantastic after this treatment.  Ever heard of  "If it's not broke why change it?" Well this is one of those items.  My stretching is soooooo easy right now.  Everytime I watch a natural sister on youtube, I get tempted to go natural. lol....  Anyway, right now I plan to stretch more and more each time.  Last time it was six months, this time it will be seven.  I'll be taking a updated picture in June. See you then ladies. 

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