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Friday, December 31, 2010

My plans for the New Year 2011

I'm currently doing another long stretch.  I plan to stretch to "hopefully" seven months this time.  I've been watching youtube and I've seen so many naturals with thick beautiful hair.  Their hair isn't thin or damaged.  My goal is to have thick hair like that.  Thin isn't cute at all. Even though my hair is getting much thicker.  My goal for the new year is weight loss along with a healthier diet , healthier hair and add to my education.

I'm feeling pretty good about the New Year and plan to make changes.  However, I'm about to do a detox to start my year off right.  It's called The Master Cleanse. I hope to do this for 10 days, then I hope to become a Vegetarian. I believe a lot of health problems come from the food and I want to change that.  I have everything I need and plan to start within the next two days.  It's December 31, 2010 right now.

Root Stimulator Edge Control

This is truly a fantastic product for the edges. A real treat to have.  It makes my baby hair in the front and back lay down nicely, and it leaves it so soft.  The price is  reasonable but I found it's better to buy online.  The cost is 3.99 and well worth it.  I'll always make sure I have this in my stash.  One of my problems has always been my baby hair laying down.

My Organix Coconut Milk Split Ends Mender and Anti-Breakage Review

I'm crazy about these two products.  The Split Ends Mender absorbs moisture into my hair and I'm loving the results.  The Anti-Breakage Serum seals it all in. I also use these products for my wet sets.  I get nice, bouncy curls.  I'll always make sure I have these two items in my regimen.  I found these items at:  Walmart, Target and Walgreens.  Both items were 5.00 each. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Long Over Due 6 Months Stretch Review (November 2010)

The six month stretch I did really turned out good.  I think I'm going to do six month stretches from now on. I started the stretch because my hair was thin and I wanted to see if stretching would help it get thicker.  I did get a little worried around month four because I wasn't used to going so long without wearing braids.  I  felt so empowered once I saw it was all in the mind.  That stretching doesn't have to be a difficult thing to do. I reached month five and felt really good.  Now I did do things different from  a lot of women who stretch. I kept my roots straight and moisturized and sealed so I wouldn't deal with breakage and it actually worked.  I reached month six and I was so proud.  I almost wanted to go another couple of months but I really wanted to see the results of six months of growing. It was well worth it.  

Have You Tried The Tangle Teezer?

I heard it's excellent for all types of hair.  That it detangles easily.  It doesn't matter if your natural, relaxed or texlaxed, it get's the job done.  I plan to purchase it and do a review soon.
I like the fact it comes in different colors.  My favorites colors are:  pink and purple.
I think my daughter should appreciate it to. lol...

My Two Conditioner And Hydra Cap Wrap Method.

On the days I need to condition and shampoo, I put my hair in four braids.  I put Tresseme Remoisture Conditioner all over my hair but if my roots are in serious need, I'll also put the Aussie Moist on the roots leaving both on  for one hour while under a plastic cap.  I  get in the shower (leaving the conditioner on as I do this method) I shampoo my roots only.  Rinsing for a while until clear in sections.

If I want straight hair I'll do a roller set in ponytails with water only for a faster set. I sit under the dryer for 1 hr and 45 minutes.  I add my moisture and absorbing oil at this point.  Then I do a wrap, then do a hyracap method for 20 minutes.  After this, I'll either wear my hair straight or add flexi rods for 20 minutes for pretty curls.

I do this weekly and it's been working out for me. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 month stretch completed on the 18th of november

I didn't think I could do the stretch because I wasn't used to stretching that long.  I accomplished that goal and it felt good.  Actually, the day I relaxed my hair, I felt as though I could have gone longer than that.  It's now December 2, 2010 and I plan to do another 6 to 7 month stretch. 

I did learn that my hair likes cowashes during the week at least once.  I've noticed a very big difference since I started that. 

Moisturizing and sealing daily has also transformed my hair.  I'm learning everyday and it feels wonderful.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Roots And Hair At 4 Months Post

My hair at 4 months post today 9/22/2010.  It feels good to make it to this point. I really want to try and make it two more months.  That will put me at 6 months.

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner And Leave In Review

I used the deep conditioner yesterday and my hair felt like butter. I especially used it on my roots because I have a lot of new growth.  I'm 4 months post and it worked very good on my hair. It was easy to detangle and to continue with my styling.  I'm mainly doing wet sets now, which seems to be helping a lot. After, I applied a pea size amount of the leave in  to each sections of my four sections of hair, then did a roller set. My hair turned out bouncy and soft. the next day I added a pea size of coconut oil to each sections  of my hair which gave it a beautiful shine.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alter Ego Delight

I've heard so much about this product.  That it stops shedding and breakage.  It's a product made in Italy. I plan to use this product soon.  Many ladies rave about it and have nothing but good things to say about it.  It's my next purchase for sure.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is Texlaxing Better For Texture?

Is texlaxing better for hair texture  and for the health of the hair?  I would like to believe it is.  When stretching, I've noticed a healthier look .  It doesn't seem so thin or weak looking.  I like the thickness of my hair as it's growing. When I texlax in a couple of months, I'm really going to take a good look at my hair and compare it to when I relax bone straight.

Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and Bee Hold Curly Butter Review

These products are wonderful products.  I love how the Deja's Hair Milk gives me just enough moisture on a daily basis and how the Bee Hold Curly Butter helps to define my braidout ponytail (that's the only braid out I do now). It also helps to lay down my hairline front and back.

I like to use the Deja's Hair Milk with my coconut oil.  Love this combination. It's a product well worth having.  The moisture is instant and long lasting.

To Lye Or No Lye

After my stretch I have to decide if I should continue with a no lye relaxer or a lye relaxer.  I've heard that lye is a better relaxer to use because it's not so harsh on the scalp and hair.  That a no lye relaxer causes more shedding and dryness.  I've been using no lye relaxers for years.  Yes, I've really had to work on the dryness, but never really knew why. I thought the excessive dryness was normal. My hair would even feel a little hard at the roots. I also thought this was normal.  Well, when the time comes, I'll probably try the lye relaxer again and see if it's actually different.

Love That Honey

When I put honey in my conditioner, my hair feels so smooth and soft. Honey draws moisture so you know the outcome has to be good.  It makes it so easy to stretch my relaxers.  I add a couple spoons of honey and a little oil in my conditioner of choice that day. I then leave it in for an hour under a plastic cap. 

This treatment is a real treat.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cassia The Hair Strengthener

I love cassia.  It has really helped with strengthening my hair.  I add my conditioner, oil and a touch of water to it, leave it on for an hour and my hair feels like it came back to life.  It's a little messy, but worth it. I like to use cassia once a month, usually around the beginning unless I get really busy then I use it in the middle of the month.  It's safe to use any time so it doesn't really matter if it's used at the beginning or the middle or even the end of each month.  Some people like to use it every two weeks.

I plan to use this while stretching.  I like how it leaves the hair feeling so strong.

The Help Of Wet Sets On Magnetic Rollers For Hair Health

It wasn't until I gave my hair a break from heat meaning: Flat irons, blow dryers and even the hair dryer you sit under with your rollers in your hair, and just started to air dry my hair in roller sets that I noticed a change in my hairs health, growth and even texture.  It's worth it to roller set and air dry at least most of the time. 

I like my hair straight.  Using the gray large magnetic rollers give a very straight look.  It will make the hair look like you used a flat iron.   The purple ones make my hair looked curled but more wavy.  The orange magnetic rollers give a very nice curl.   If I want a little extra, I just use either one or two flexi rods. 

When I use product for my wet sets, I use very little and that allows for more body.  It's not necessary to use a lot of product on the hair.  This was something I learned just this year. Yes, I used to be very heavy handed with applying products.

Organic Root Stimulating Replenishing Pak

When my
When my hair was brittle, weak and just plain fragile the Olive Oil Replenishing Pak made it silky, soft and full of body.  I'll always have this as a part of my regimen.  Also, when I added it right after doing a coconut oil treatment, it felt just like butter.  Pure silk.  Love this product. Well worth keeping and never changing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've decided to do a stretch for the first time without braids, extensions , wigs or any kind of add on.  I'm a little nervous but I'm going to give it a try.  I will be 3 1/2 months tomorrow which will be 9/9/2010. So I'm half way there already. 

The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I've been using has left my new growth so soft every day .  The relaxed part and the new growth are easy for me to handle with this oil.  I don't have to use much of it to have great moisture balance in my hair.  I just apply it to my roots, ends and hair in that order and I'm good to go.

I've also decided to texlax.  I want thicker hair so bad. lol.. I think that's the only way it's going to happen. Wet sets help with a thicker look but I want it even thicker.

Note: So far my stretch is going good.