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Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Over 5 Months Post Shooting For 7 Months

Today I'm 5 months and 11 days post relaxer. I plan to relax  June 1st.  I really hope I'm Mid Back Length by then. Some of my hairs reach the Mid Back Length, but I want my hair to reach it straight across.   My hair reaches number 7 on my T-shirt.   I discovered very important things about my hair this year that I really need to stick to.  Flat ironing my hair is a no no.  Roller sets is excellent for my hair.  Constant moisturizing then sealing two times a day works best for my hair.  I will continue my trims twice a year only.  The roller sets help to not have to trim more often than that now.  My hair prefers more moisture than protein, so  I balance my hair by doing a moisture conditioning treatment from roots to tips once a week then the hair in my ponytail once in the middle of the week.  I do protein treatments then moisture right after when needed.  I wear my hair up three or four days out of the week, then any other hairstyle the rest of the week.  I also noticed my hair prefers natural hair products as my daily leave-in.  My  hair goal is ultimate thickness, and to hopefull reach Mid Back Length.  I'll think about the next goal after that. 

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