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Friday, December 31, 2010

My plans for the New Year 2011

I'm currently doing another long stretch.  I plan to stretch to "hopefully" seven months this time.  I've been watching youtube and I've seen so many naturals with thick beautiful hair.  Their hair isn't thin or damaged.  My goal is to have thick hair like that.  Thin isn't cute at all. Even though my hair is getting much thicker.  My goal for the new year is weight loss along with a healthier diet , healthier hair and add to my education.

I'm feeling pretty good about the New Year and plan to make changes.  However, I'm about to do a detox to start my year off right.  It's called The Master Cleanse. I hope to do this for 10 days, then I hope to become a Vegetarian. I believe a lot of health problems come from the food and I want to change that.  I have everything I need and plan to start within the next two days.  It's December 31, 2010 right now.

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