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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Help Of Wet Sets On Magnetic Rollers For Hair Health

It wasn't until I gave my hair a break from heat meaning: Flat irons, blow dryers and even the hair dryer you sit under with your rollers in your hair, and just started to air dry my hair in roller sets that I noticed a change in my hairs health, growth and even texture.  It's worth it to roller set and air dry at least most of the time. 

I like my hair straight.  Using the gray large magnetic rollers give a very straight look.  It will make the hair look like you used a flat iron.   The purple ones make my hair looked curled but more wavy.  The orange magnetic rollers give a very nice curl.   If I want a little extra, I just use either one or two flexi rods. 

When I use product for my wet sets, I use very little and that allows for more body.  It's not necessary to use a lot of product on the hair.  This was something I learned just this year. Yes, I used to be very heavy handed with applying products.

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