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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Two Conditioner And Hydra Cap Wrap Method.

On the days I need to condition and shampoo, I put my hair in four braids.  I put Tresseme Remoisture Conditioner all over my hair but if my roots are in serious need, I'll also put the Aussie Moist on the roots leaving both on  for one hour while under a plastic cap.  I  get in the shower (leaving the conditioner on as I do this method) I shampoo my roots only.  Rinsing for a while until clear in sections.

If I want straight hair I'll do a roller set in ponytails with water only for a faster set. I sit under the dryer for 1 hr and 45 minutes.  I add my moisture and absorbing oil at this point.  Then I do a wrap, then do a hyracap method for 20 minutes.  After this, I'll either wear my hair straight or add flexi rods for 20 minutes for pretty curls.

I do this weekly and it's been working out for me. 

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