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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Beginning Of My Master Cleanse Detox


Today is day one of my Master Cleanse Detox and let me tell you that salt water flush did a number on me this morning.  I got up at 4:00 a.m. to do my salt water flush so I wouldn't have to run to the bathroom if I had to leave the house. I read that after the salt water flush, that it's good to be by a bath room for at least two hours. I drank my Smooth Move tea last night to prepare for today.  At this time, I'm drinking the lemonade and I'm hoping I get used to it. The Cayenne pepper is something else. Normally I like cayenne pepper on my food but in the lemonade it adds something to it,  it's a little strong. I'll get used to it.   The maple syrup is very tasty and the lemonade is ok.  I like lemonade anyway.  I hope to completely clean my intestines out so I can start fresh with my vegetarian diet without anything toxic in my body. I plan to detox for 10 days (that's my goal time) .  If  I can go a little longer I will. I measured everything just right.  I have measuring cups and spoons I bought at the dollar store.  My lemons are fresh.  My water is fresh not sink water. My syrup is Grade B.  My sea salt is Celtic Sea Salt and I'm using Smooth Move as my evening Laxative tea.

I plan to write down how I feel from day to day on my blog. 

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