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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two Of The Master Cleanse

Well I made it through Day one.  I found out I was adding to much cayenne pepper and that's why my first drink was so hot. Now I use 1/8 cayenne pepper in my drink and that's perfect. 
The drink is pretty good.  The fact I was eatting a bag of seeds a day (which is bad by the way because it was salted) makes it easy for me to drink the Salt Water flush.  I'm crazy about lemonade so the drink is delicious to me. I put hot sauce on most of my food anyway so the cayenne doesn't bother me as much.  The Smooth Move has a nice flavor to it so it's easy to drink without the maple syrup in it.

Today I feel terrific, I lost five pounds since yesterday. Yay!!!  I feel light, not bad at all. My stomach feels smaller, which is wonderful. All this in just one day.   This detox isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, and I feel really good about it.  I can't get over how good the maple syrup taste.  It's better than sugar, only it has vitamins in it.  Yesterday I noticed I broke out a little,  but this morning my skin is clearing up.  I keep checking to see if I'll see my tongue change.  The little white coating that's there for a hot minute, then goes letting you know your done with your detox. Not yet.

I have a pair of size 9/10 jeans hanging to remind me of why I'm doing the detox and why I'm going to become vegetarian. Other than to keep illness at bay and because I'm sick of being big. The jeans are Apple Bottoms ladies!  So inspiratiional. lol...

Well until tomorrow..........

I look forward to this day.


  1. All the best. I start tomorrow. I am doing my for spiritual reason, but the weight loss is a nice bonus.

  2. I know I'm commenting late but I hope your detox was a good one outerbeauty.