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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 Of The Master Cleanse

I feel so much lighter and much better than 6 days ago.  The cold sore I had is healthing, my skin is clearing up.  I'm thinner.  Lost 10 pounds as of yesterday.  I would have never thought I could last 6 days on a detox. I now know if I truly wanted to (and I do), that I could change my eating habits and stay healthy. My ankles are still not swollen. No asthma problems (this time of year it really gets bad, but not now).  No pains in my body.  Feeling good and feeling proud.


  1. Hey Tam,
    Congrats on making it 6 days on the detox. 10 pounds is a lot in 6 days!! I'm glad your feeling healthier. Keep up the good work!! I'm checkin on you everyday, lol