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Friday, March 2, 2012

I got a chance to try this flat iron.   The IPak Argan Infusion 1 1/4 styling iron.  It goes up to 450. It has Argan Infused Vapor for heat protective styling. It protects and restores hair from heat damage and promotes healthier looking and shinier hair. It also gives frizz free results. The ceramic  plates are infused with argan oil.

I used this flat iron on a 375 setting.  It gets the hair super straight and leaves the hair very soft.  This is pretty good since I'm five months post right now. The only con I have regarding this iron is that it doesn't get the edges good enough for me.  I used my mini Babyliss flat iron to get that job done which left a nice over all look. The flat iron comes with a bottle of Ion Repair Solution, two refill tanks and a instruction  paper.  It was on sale at Sally's for 69.00,  normally cost 79.99 or 71.99 with membership.


  1. Do you still like this product? Thinking about, getting it. I am six months post relaxer and I'm looking for something to help with frizz and maybe not so damaging

  2. Your timing is perfect. I had to sell it. I have a total of five flat irons and that one is one of the flat irons I just got rid of. It's a good flat iron. It moisturizes the hair. I felt since I only flat iron my roots, I really didn't need it anymore.

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