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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner And Dry Oil

Talk about spoiling your hair.  These two products bathes the hair in moisture giving a nice silky feel with lot's of bounce. I had never run into any products that could do what these two can do.  I love the results I get from them every time.  It's just not a sometime kind of experience.  Well worth trying and well worth keeping in my regimen as well.


  1. My hair loves the Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil. If you haven't tried the Organix Awapuhi Ginger Dry Styling Oil that's awesome as well. Organix has a lot of great new products out now . I've tried a few and I'm loving them already.

  2. Absolutely Great. I have medium curly hair and it can get dry and frizzy. This product leaves it feeling silky smooth, and keeps the curls in line.
    Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  3. I'm also in love with the products. Which are your favorites Angela and Marisha?