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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Update on my Thicker Hair Journey

I hope to have my hair even  by the end of the year.  I'm doing different things to get to that point such as:

* Now I'm roller setting my edges to get it straight instead of using heat.   I noticed before I was using to much heat on my edges just to get it to match the rest of my hair because it was growing, and that was thinning it out.
* I make sure my hair is moisturized and sealed every day. Never skipping a day.
* I do three loose ponytails every evening on satin rollers or soft rollers after the moisturizing and sealing.
* I wear my hair in either a chignon or ponytail (mainly a chignon) so my ends stay protected most days.
* I just did a 1 1/2  inch cut because I texlax my new growth every six months for 8 minutes (will be changing to five minutes).  I don't like the thick at the top, thinner at the bottom look, I will continue to work on that.
*I shampoo, condition and roller set once a week
*I cowash in the middle of the week (I found I can't skip the cowash part due to dry hair by the third or fourth day)

This regimen is helping so much I'm starting to see a difference.  I'll take another picture in August to see where I'm at then.  Still mid back length right now.  Was waist length.  I'll get there again.

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  1. OMG just look at your progress! the thickness is amazing!